Higher education and academic integrity are problems of combination

Keywords: academic integrity, violation of academic integrity, academic plagiarism, plagiarism, National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance


The article deals with the normative regulation of the relatively new for Ukraine concept of “academic plagiarism”. The norms
of the legislation related to the establishment of the concept of academic integrity, types of violations of academic integrity, procedures
for consideration of possible violations of academic integrity, types of liability for violations of academic integrity and bodies entitled
to apply them are analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the issue of establishing the fact of academic plagiarism and its differences
from plagiarism. Proposals to the current legislation are formulated in order to optimize the legal regulation of the issue of academic
integrity. The authority of the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance in the field of combating violations of academic
integrity: the obligation to respond to violations of academic integrity in the form of academic plagiarism in dissertations, monographs
or scientific articles that have been awarded a degree; the task of forming the principles and practices of academic integrity at the level
of higher education institutions, including those seeking education (in the process of accreditation of educational programs). As a result
of this practice, each educational institution or research institution is involved in the process of forming an environment of academic
The conclusion is substantiated that in Ukraine the existing mechanisms of detection and counteraction to violations of academic
integrity are insufficient. Well-known international principles of academic integrity in the field of higher education and research are generally
not followed. In most cases, this is due to the desire to prevent the disclosure of information about violations. This situation is typical
of all higher education and needs to be corrected. An option could be to adopt the Law “On Academic Integrity”, which should not
only characterize the importance of this phenomenon for the future of domestic higher education and its recognition in Europe, but also
clearly define that all higher education and research institutions are responsible for adherence to the principles of academic integrity.

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