Legislative convergence on patenting of intellectual property on biotechnology

Keywords: intellectual property, legislative convergence, biotechnology, bio-patenting, strain disposal, biosimilars, biocloning, biorobots


Combining the results of intellectual activity in a single biotechnology and the formation of a set of property (exclusive) intellectual
patent rights to such technology, lead to a comprehensive expansion of the sectoral use of biotechnology: food and agricultural,
drugs and industrial products, drugs, diagnostics and reagents, environmental, biological, resource and practical; – from microorganisms
to artificial intelligence with obtaining high liquidity of biotechnological products, the main motive of unfair competition.
First of all, there is a need to reveal the uniqueness of biotechnology as an object of intellectual property, therefore, on the example
of biosimilars proved that biotechnological drugs – substances of protein nature, which are fundamentally different from conventional
synthetic drugs, both in structure and technology production. Therefore, the creation of similar drugs, so-called biosimilars,
requires the formation and application of new thinking, abandonment of “generic” habits, with new highly qualified personnel in the
field of biotechnology to study biosimilarity (biosimilarity), with a special approach to development, research, production control and
taking into account when granting patentability to intellectual property objects on biotechnology.
Undoubtedly, this study proved that intellectual property on biotechnology has properties and natural ability that cause individual
variability in composition and content, respectively, which actually confirms the inauthenticity of other intellectual property, outlines
the prospects for the separation of biotechnology into an independent legal field. with the use, according to the author, within its own
proposal, strengthening measures to protect intellectual biotechnological information, in such a way as legal tokenization.
Thus, a legislative space is created, where international legal acts are of a recommendatory nature in ensuring the protection of
intellectual property rights, in particular, in biotechnology, while, taking into account the above specificity, legal existentiality of
biopatents, where the law must be important in content information, to be an instruction for clear actions in the context of the transformation
of legal regulation in this area, is an unacceptable incompetence in national legislation, which leads to the so-called legislative
default and legislative convergence.
Also, issues related to the use of intellectual property innovations in biotechnology in the form of transplantation, cloning, robo -
tics, which entail legal and socio – ethical obligation and urgency of the model and structure of legal regulation to determine the legal
status of these intellectual property. In addition, the indicators of chronological dynamics are reflected and the obvious aspects of the
unfinished legal framework are indicated, the consequences of deep transformational transformations are exposed, with the prevention
of transition from chaotic lawmaking to legal collapse in case of inaction, incompetence and untimely solution of accumulated legislative


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