The implementation of the principle of objectivity of truth in the review of court decisions in the civil process of Ukraine

Keywords: principles of civil procedure law, review of court decisions, civil process, objective truth


The article draws attention to one of the most important principles of civil procedural law is the principle of objective truth, the
substance of which is to clarify in full the circumstances of a case, that would allow a court to make a reasoned, lawful and objective
decision. Doctrinal approaches to defining the notion of the principle of objective truth were also examined and its main features were
In addition, the system of principles of the civil process, the place of the principle of objective truth in this system, its interrelation
and relation with other principles, such as legality, competitiveness, equality, etc., were analysed. In this aspect, the main problems of
the realization of the principle of objective truth were also identified through the prism of violation of other fundamental principles of
civil justice.
One of the problems of realizing the objective truth principle was the problem of proof. Thus, a violation of the correct determination
of the subject of evidence, the procedure for gathering evidence, their presentation and further investigation, as well as their eva -
luation, leads to incomplete study of the facts of the case, and therefore entails the failure to realize the principle of objective truth.
It is established that the principle of objective truth is, unfortunately, sufficiently abstract, since the trial proceeds through cognition,
which eliminates the possibility of complete objectivity. It is considered necessary to increase the level of justice of the society
as a whole, and of judges, especially, in order to increase awareness of the values of human rights, rights and freedoms and to reduce
the level of deformation of justice, in particular legal nihilism and legal amateurism. The categories of truth in law and cognition as
activities in the field of philosophical science were also explored, which made it possible to better understand the content of the principle
of objective truth, including in the civil process.
Finally, it should be noted that despite the perception of the world, the circumstances of a particular case, the treatment of people
through a subjective category of knowledge, our country’s judges have to reach a level of professionalism that would allow to a certain
extent clarify all the circumstances of the case objectively. Hence, on that basis to make legitimate, substantiated and objective decisions
in the case. Therefore, the attainment of objective truth must be the ideal to be pursued, including through existing mechanisms, in particular
the institute of judicial review, so the court must bear in mind that the truth of the case, including civil proceedings, is a purely
objective category, which should not change depending on certain subjective factors.


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