Positive protection of the rights of borrowers of consumer loans

Keywords: сredit, positive protection of the rights, consumer credit, rights, consumer, security


The article deals with the protection of the rights of borrowers of consumer loans and its provision with a positive right. The
author adheres to the distinction between the protection of rights and their protection, where the former is broader in scope and ensures
the inviolability of subjective rights and legally protected interests, and self-defense in case of encroachment. It has a preventive focus
and in relation to consumers covers the category of “informed consumer”, is provided with information, technical, program, organizational,
in particular the activities of state and local authorities. On the contrary, protection is possible only in case of violation of rights
or after. The author substantiates the protection of the rights of borrowers of consumer loans as a relatively independent direction of
consumerism, the development of positive manifestations in the development of elements of the mechanism of consumer protection
and possible gaps and contradictions of the current concept of such lending.
The author pays attention to the fact that the protection of rights in positive law is given less attention than protection. Accor -
dingly, the burden on consumer protection bodies is growing. In addition, the CC lists only the entrepreneur and does not provide for
the consumer. It is proposed to symmetrically provide for such a person in the main act of civil law. Accordingly, the need to develop
means, methods, forms of protection of the rights of consumers and in particular borrowers of consumer loans is justified. the law clearly
defined the rights of consumers and borrowers. For the most part, it is only a question of ensuring them: 1) in the implementation of
these rules into national legislation; 2) strict implementation of their instructions by the parties to the legal relationship and, above all,
by a strong party; 3) ensuring the effectiveness of supervisory and control bodies of the state and self-governing organizations for the
protection of consumer rights.


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