Dispute resolutions patterns under regional trade agreements

Keywords: regional trade agreements, conflict of jurisdictions, WTO dispute resolution body, Apellate body of the WTO, world trade, Dispute Settlement Understanding


The paper is devoted to the dispute resolution patterns under the regional trade agreements (RTAs). The Author’s attention is paid
to the differences between the dispute resolution algorithms provided both for in the (1) WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU)
and (2) RTAs. In order to specify the optimal way of dispute resolutions under named acts, the Author analyzes RTAs of a «new gene -
ration», in particular, RTAs in which Ukraine is a member party.
The peculiarities of conciliation procedures, good services, mediation are analyzed and the absence of a unified model of application
of these procedures is stated by the Author.
It is concluded that the consultations provided for in both Article 4 of the DSU and the vast majority of RTAs are close in legal
nature to one of the main alternative dispute resolution mechanism – negotiations.
Unlike consultations, which are primarily a diplomatic tool, the consideration of a dispute by a group of experts or an arbitration
group is determined as a step of dispute resolving.
The Author stated that significant differences between the dispute resolution algorithm under the DSU and RTAs are the procedural
rules (regulations) used in resolving the dispute, as well as the lack of possibility to appeal the final report of the arbitration commission
(unlike the right of appeal of the report of the expert group under Article 17 DSU).
Particular attention is paid to the consequences of non-compliance of the final report of the group of experts or the arbitration
panel (the implementation of compensation and termination of concessions).
Particular attention is also paid to the activities of the Appellate Body lock, which results for searching for alternatives to ensure
the effectiveness of the dispute settlement mechanism in the WTO system.
Due to the study results the Author states that there are a number of advantages of dispute resolution mechanisms provided by
RTAs of a «new generation», compared with the mechanisms provided by the DSU. First of all, it is a matter of shorter terms of the
dispute settlement (considering absence of the right to appeal for the report of arbitration group).
Particular attention is paid to the possible conflict of jurisdictions between the WTO and RTAs. It is stated that the problem of
conflict of jurisdictions could be resolved by implementing of special rules which allows to choose the most appropriate dispute resolution
mechanism. It is necessary to include under RTAs a provision on exclusive jurisdiction, which directly determines which jurisdiction
covers a particular dispute.


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