Insufficient qualification of worker as founding of labour contract

Keywords: disparity held a position or executable work, qualification, quality of labour force, criterias of decision of insufficient qualification, attestation


Problem statement. One of grounds of dissolution of labour contract there can be disparity of worker held a position or executable
work that shows up through his insufficient qualification. Thus in the legislation of Ukraine within the limits of the outlined question
there are quite a bit blanks, in particular, in relation to interpretation of concept of insufficient qualification, methods and criteria of her
decision and others like that, that need the detailed study and analysis. Taking into account marked a research theme is actual. The purpose
of the article is establishment of features of insufficient qualification as to the factor of disparity held a position or executable
work, the consequence of that is dissolution of labour contract, and suggestion of ways of removal of existent blanks in the legal adjus -
ting of relations that is related to her exposure. During realization of the indicated research next methods were used: analysis and synthesis,
dialectical, logical-legal, formal-legal. An analysis and synthesis gave an opportunity to carry out complex description and
description of essence of insufficient qualification through the prism of accordance of worker to the executable labour function, to educe
and confront base principles of the legal adjusting of relations that is related to the origin of insufficient qualification. By means of
dialectical method general properties, copulas and conformities to law, that arise up at establishment of disparity of worker held a position
or executable work in connection with insufficient qualification of worker, were educed, and also truth is set in the modern proces -
ses of adjusting of the marked legal relationships. The logical-legal method was used for formulation of suggestions in relation to further
perfection of the legal adjusting of institute of dissolution of labour contract on initiative of employer in case of exposure of insufficient
qualification of worker. The formal-legal method helped to find out essence and maintenance of legal norms, their functions,
signs of concepts, what of them determine and processes, what of them regulate, within the limits of theme of research. The results.
A conducted job performance consists in the exposure of basic descriptions of insufficient qualification and decision of ways of
improvement of adjusting of relations that arise up at her establishment an employer. Conclusion. Qualification of worker is an important
factor for the achievement of the put aim an employer, that is why the legal adjusting of exposure of her insufficiency must be ba -
lanced and self-weighted, as touches rights and interests of both employer and worker. It costs for providing of balance of such adjus -
ting, in particular, to fasten a concept and methods of decision of insufficient qualification, envisage the criteria of her estimation, oriented
on the competence approach at adjusting of labour relations.


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