An improvement of forms of judicial control in the administrative proceedings

Keywords: judicial control, administrative proceeding, forms of judicial control, court decision, execution of court decision, reasonable term of execution of court decision, protection of human rights


The urgency of judicial control in Ukraine is increasing year by year, since effective protection of human and citizen's rights and interests is a primary task of the judicial branch and requires appropriate control, in particular, of the enforcement of administrative decisions.

Judicial control over the enforcement of decisions is of the utmost importance in administrative proceedings, since one of the parties to a public-legal dispute is a subject of power. Therefore, in order to protect and restore the violated rights and interests of individuals and legal entities in disputes with public authorities, it is necessary to create an effective mechanism for judicial control over the enforcement of court decisions.

This article describes the main approaches to understanding the concept of judicial control in domestic doctrine, including the concept of judicial control over the enforcement of decisions in administrative law. Own definitions are given based on the analysis of different approaches of scientists.

The basic forms of judicial control over the execution of decisions of the administrative court are analyzed, in particular, the obligation of the subject of power, not in favor of which the court decision was adopted and the imposition of a fine; appeal against decisions, actions or inaction of executors and officials of state executive service bodies; the recognition of decisions, actions or omissions made by a subject of authority as a defendant in enforcing a court decision.

On the basis of the conducted research, proposals for improvement of domestic court practice on the enforcement of court decisions in administrative cases were submitted, namely to supplement the existing legislation with articles that would regulate the mechanism of judicial control.


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