Open Enforcement in Ukraine Within the European Court of Human Right`s Practice

Keywords: enforcement of judicial decisions, access to justice, open justice, civil procedure


Publicity and openness of the trial are inherent features of justice, providing the opportunity for public involvement and an appropriate level of credibility, as well as guaranteeing the implementation of other principles of justice, such as the equality of parties and their competitiveness.

During the reform of the judiciary in Ukraine, the various procedural codes of Ukraine substantially updated in according the provisions on openness and publicity of court proceedings. In particular, the new wording of the Civil Procedural Code of Ukraine the publicity of the trial and the openness of information about the case were clarified, in particular, Articles 7 "Publicity of the trial" and 8 "Openness of information about the case". A new Law on Enforcement Proceedings was also enacted and in its Article 2 of the principles of enforcement proceedings were laid down, including the publicity and openness of enforcement proceedings in Ukraine. At the same time, there are no any specific provisions of this principle disclosed in the said law. Therefore, this paper is related to the legal nature of the public principle of justice, in particular, oral hearing and openness of the information concerning enforcement of judicial decisions.

The main grounds for this study are the national legislation of Ukraine and the legislation of other states, in particular, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure of the USA, Civil Procedure Rules of England and Wales, acquis of the EU, CE Recommendations and Guidelines as well as the legal doctrine and judicial practice, including the practice of the ECHR.

It was concluded, that the principle of publicity should be characterized in the light of ensuring the access of justice and the right to a fair trial, mentioned in European Convention and realized in ECHR practice. The laws of the United States were carried out, and a solution for the problem of data rights was proposed. As a result of the study, changes in national legislation were proposed to ensure access to information during the enforcement of court decisions and to guarantee the right to an effective remedy.


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