Features of civil liability of the railway carrier for the loss of cargo

Keywords: rail transportation, cargo, loss of cargo, damages, railway carrier, civil liability of the railway carrier


Nowadays the processes of democratization, liberalization, integration of Ukraine into European and world space take place. The undisputed significance for these processes had the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union (27.06.2014). All mentioned above facts affect the development of infrastructure in Ukraine. That is why the issues related to the legal regulation of rail transportation activity, including responsibility of carrier for the loss of cargo, are relevant.

Having analyzed current doctrine of civil law, we can conclude that nowadays researchers are paying more attention to a deep understanding and study of the general provisions of civil liability of the railway carrier in general and various aspects and problematic issues of it in particular.

Special attention is paid to distinguishing between the concepts and types of damages caused by improper performance of carrier’s obligations under the contract of cargo rail transportation.

To our mind, one of the main problems of the rail transportation disputes regarding indemnification refers to the legislation applied. The fact is that courts tend to use legislation limiting legal opportunities for protection of rights and legally protected interests.

It is important to stress that analysis of various court decisions gives ground to conclude that in the absence of a provision for damages in the form of lost profits in the contract for the carriage of goods by rail, the sender or recipient is deprived of this right. Court practice supports the idea that legal relations regarding the carrier’s liability are regulated with the provisions of the Statute of railways of Ukraine, not with the provisions of both Civil Code and Economic Code of Ukraine. Of course, it is hard to agree with mentioned above position.

The analysis of scientific sources and the provisions of the legislation of Ukraine, the practice of its application leads to the conclusion that there are some problems and legislative gaps in the field of legal regulation of rail transportation that need to be resolved. These issues include, first of all, too restrictive interpretation of the concept of damages to be reimbursed by the railway carrier, incomplete compliance of the grounds for exempting the carrier from liability, enshrined in national legislation and international legal acts, certain problems of application of legal norms defining civil liability of the railway carrier for loss of cargo.


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