The influence of the legislative process on the development of the constitutional mechanism of state power

Keywords: legislative process, constitutional process, legislative expert examination, state power, constitutional mechanism of state power


The relevance of this study is that the current state of dynamic development of legislation and law practice, the transformation
of social consciousness and legal ideology, the formation of a new democratic statehood indicate the importance of ensuring a syste -
matic organization of the current stage of constitutional reform, therefore, special attention should be paid to the areas of improving the
legislative process. One of such areas, for instance, is the need to conduct a set of expert examinations of both bills and existing laws
to ensure their effectiveness, prevent such negative tendencies in legal regulation as gaps and conflicts, corruptogenic factors, the existence
of discriminatory provisions, duplication of powers between public authorities, etc.
Thus the diversity of views on elucidating the impact of the legislative process on the development of the constitutional mechanism
of state power does not allow scholars to reach a consensus on such impact, and therefore this issue remains quite relevant within
scientific polemics.
In the process of building an effective constitutional mechanism of state power, the basic elements of the legislative process play
an important role. They are enshrined at the constitutional level and are further elaborated and specified in laws and bylaws.
Emphasizing the importance and necessity of studying the role of the legislative process in state and legal practice, it is necessary
to highlight the need for expert examinations (such as scientific expert examination, legal expert examination, financial and economic
expert examination, anti-corruption expert examination, anti-discrimination expert examination, gender and legal expert examination)
to be conducted as to the compliance with the acquis communautaire.
The article also notes that an important area of improving the quality of the regulatory framework for the functioning of the cons -
titutional mechanism of state power is the need to improve legal techniques.


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