Philosophy of law in the process of reforming the legal system of Ukraine: theory and practice

Keywords: philosophy of law; reforming; legal science; power; humans; rights; freedoms; protection


The research aims at developing the concept of a new perception and content of philosophy of law which should be based on the
philosophies of the relevant fields of law and integrate the main directions of further evolution of the legal system into a single harmonized
model in order to protect rights and interests of the individual and the citizen. Theoretical basis comprises modern concepts of scholars in
the field of philosophy of law, whose typical and original ideas have been selected and analyzed. Also, the paper constructively and critically
analyzes their correspondence to contemporary problems of the legal system of Ukraine. The authors identify a new function of philosophy
of law – defining the purpose and systematic direction of reforming the legal system of Ukraine, as well as the ways to achieve the goal
through improving the activities of law enforcement and human rights bodies. Current tendencies in the development of the legal system of
Ukraine are based on the solution of various tactical tasks, in particular, in the sphere of economy, health care, social security, the judicial
system; however, the strategic goal of its reforming – the self-sufficient state of Ukraine – has not been set. This very goal should set priorities
in the development of the legal system of Ukraine as a sovereign, independent, democratic, social, law-based state. At the same time, the
preamble to the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates the irreversibility of the European and Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine, which will have
to delegate some of its powers to international organizations. The provisions regarding sovereignty and independence of the state will lose
priority, which will lead to amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. At the same time, the theory of a self-sufficient state has not been
developed in Ukraine. However, due to this theory the implementation of the defining principles of the state system, proclaimed in the Cons -
titution of Ukraine and capable of ensuring a high standard of living of their citizens and their real independence should be guaranteed.


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