. Conceptual basis for the functioning of the joint cooperation bodies established by the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Keywords: institutional structure, cooperation bodies, association agreement, the European Union, civil society


The article is devoted to the formation of special mechanisms for joint activities under the Association Agreements. This element of association agreements certify that for each such agreement there should be at least one minimal institutional structure, although in reality institutions are created also within the framework of trade agreements. Since the Association Agreements acts as a framework agreement, joint structures are established for their implementation. These are certain bodies to facilitate the adoption of common decisions how to cooperate for implementation and to promote the future developments and effectively manage the association. The article further investigates the functions of these cooperation institutions as well as the basic principles of their activity.

Since its independence Ukraine has never stopped the process of creating new alliances and search for cooperation partners. In doing so, it gradually shifted from political declarations and being a recipient of technical, economic and financial aid towards cooperation in all these spheres. The latter type can be characterized by clear vision of future, common position of government and citizens, creation of transparency at the boarders and fostering of technical, economic and military security etc. Adoption of Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine in 2014 brought cooperation between them to a new level since the institutional mechanism set forth by the Agreement is of great help in reaching its goals. This mechanism, although still being created, should result into the full-functioning bodies under the Agreement for its better and faster execution. The author further gives the characteristics to these institutions of cooperation and proves the effectiveness of this structure to support and increase in effectiveness of cooperation that would lead to successful implementation. At the same time, the special attention is drawn to additional special conditions needed on the side of Ukraine to make the Agreement work, in particular political will and capabilities of state servants. Although the will is declared and additional bodies, such as Governmental office on European integration, were formed the process is lagging behind. The author believes that civil society that demonstrated its power during recent years would closely monitor integration process and may become a key success factor because the reforms are still aimed at increasing the living standards, modernization of the country, democratic stability and economic growth.


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