International experience in countering the illicit trafficking of alcoholic beverages

Keywords: alcoholic beverages, illicit trafficking, prevention of illicit trafficking in alcoholic beverages, licensing, state monopoly


The article analyzes the experience of counteracting illicit trafficking in alcoholic beverages in the countries of North America, Europe and Turkey. In order to effectively counteract and prevent the spread of illicit manufacturing and trafficking in alcoholic beverages, the developed countries of the world elaborate and implement appropriate national programs to combat this negative phenomenon. Summarizing them it is possible to select the main directions of counteraction to the illicit alcohol trafficking, in particular, these are: establishment of state monopoly, licensing, state and private partnership, market model.    

         A distinctive feature of foreign experience in the regulation of the alcohol industry is the implementation of a balanced concept of development and regulation of the market of alcoholic beverages with the involvement of the federal center, regions and business associations. Businesses in the field of production and sale of alcoholic beverages in foreign countries are consolidated, which are connected with the activities of a large number of national, interregional and international associations, associations and unions of producers, distributors and sellers of alcoholic beverages. These professional associations interact with governmental agencies and form national and interstate alcohol policy that takes into account the interests of the state and business. In the context of globalization and fierce competition, they try to respond flexibly to the processes taking place in this market.

In most of the countries that we studied, there is a three-tier scheme for organizing the alcohol market: all industry participants are divided into manufacturers, distributors (wholesalers) and retailers. At the same time, the same enterprise cannot combine these functions, i.e. there is a system of checks and balances that independently have to regulate the industry.

         Thus, the study of the international experience of combating and preventing the illicit use of alcohol goods should help the Ukrainian legislature and government to develop and implement effective state policy in this field in Ukraine.


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