The role of the defence counselor in the representation in criminal proceedings

Keywords: representation, procedural status, lawyer, defense counselor, advocacy, professional legal assistance, criminal proceedings


The article deals with the procedural status of the lawyer during the representation in criminal proceedings. The aspect of protecting rights and legitimate interests of persons involved in criminal proceedings through the mechanism of representation by the lawyer of completely different subjects of criminal proceedings (an aggrieved person, a witness, a civil plaintiff, a civil defendant, a suspect, an accused, an entity) is considered.

It is established that the institution of representation in criminal proceedings ranks high among the current problems of criminal procedure legislation and determines the peculiarities of the procedural status of persons who may represent the interests of the subjects of criminal proceedings. Representatives may enjoy the procedural rights of the persons they represent, except in cases of personal involvement. In criminal proceedings such participants as an aggrieved person, a witness, a suspect, an accused, a civil plaintiff, a civil defendant, a legal entity may have representatives.

The role of each participant in ensuring and respecting rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in criminal proceedings, while receiving professional legal assistance as an instrument of protection, is examined.

The article covers the stage of correct documenting the relations between the defense counsellor and his or her client in criminal proceedings. Documents confirming the authority to represent include: 1) a certificate of the right to practice as a counselor, an order and a contract with a counselor, or an order of a body or an institution authorized by law to provide free legal assistance; 2) a copy of the constituent documents of a legal entity 3) a power of attorney.


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