The analysis of psychological structure of female crime

Keywords: crime, female crime, criminal behavior, law-abiding behavior, re-socialization, psychological behavioral factors


The article investigates the problems of female crime and makes a psychological analysis of this phenomenon. It is emphasized that today female crime has a faster growth rates than male crime, which cannot but cause concern in the society. A woman is a caretaker, influences her husband’s behavior and upbringing of children, she mainly determines relationships in the family. Therefore, without exaggeration, one can say that women’s involvement in criminal activities and the spread of female crime affects the morals of society more than the spread of male crime. It is especially terrible when a woman is behind bars, losing her biological and social designation.
In examining the identity of the sentenced woman, it is necessary to analyze and summarize the psychological and specific characteristics of women with persistent criminal attitude, where a penal institution can significantly affect the process of preventing crimes among women. The study of sentenced women and their psychological characteristics should be the focus of attention not only of scientists,
but also of workers of the penal system and law enforcement agencies, and it is important to consider them as interdependent.
Female crime has a higher latency. Women’s crime rates are the highest in the areas where women are the most involved in, like in the family and in the professions traditionally considered to be “female”. Women who have been imprisoned have more difficulties in resocializing. It is noted that women are more emotional, so they prefer to argue out loud and without leaving the scene, although their fights are mostly not bloody, but shrill and noisy. Given the emotionality of women, they often experience feelings of stress, frustration, depression, anguish, doom, etc. At the same time, most women having been imprisoned feel guilty and anxious about their future. Wariness,
anxiety, vulnerability, the desire to change their position is a range of mental states of women who have been imprisoned. It is concluded that female crime is an important social problem because, in addition to the traits inherent to crime in general, it has additional negative consequences for society. First of all, it destructively affects the family institution and the younger generation, thus forming a “reserve” for future criminals. That is why we support scientists who emphasize that the crime rates among women is a kind of an indicator of the health of public life.


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