The Public Participation in Decision-Making Process on the Types of Activities Having or are Likely to Have an Adverse Impact on the Environment as Means of Establishing Land Ownership Limitations in the Neighbours’ Interests

Keywords: the land ownership; the land ownership restrictions; the land ownership realization; the land ownership protection; the good neighbourliness rules; the permitting procedure


The Ukrainian legislation governing the public participation in making the decisions allowing and setting the conditions for the environmentally harmful activity was essentially amended recently. These procedures implementation experience demonstrates that their potential is not used properly neither by the persons planning to carry out the environmentally harmful activity, no by the persons, that are negatively affected by this activity. Proper use of these procedures allows to improve protection of the land ownership infringed by industrial installations negative impact and to avoid pointless expenditures, which entrepreneurs have to bear because of the conflicts with the public, affected by the environmentally harmful installation exploitation.

The author of this article sets the task to study the public participation in the mentioned procedures legal nature, this study will allow to benefit more fully of these procedures’ potential.

As a result of research carried out in this article, the author draws the following conclusions.

The public participation in the permitting procedure or the taking the others administrative decisions procedure for the installation having or are likely to have adverse impact on the environment, among the others, are the procedures in which the limitations on land ownership are established.

The land owners right to participate in decision-making procedures is their land ownership logical extension, the public participation in decision-making procedure is one the forms of the land ownership implementation.

The land owners participating in decision-making procedures of the permitting documents allowing to carry out the activity having or is likely to have adverse impact on their land parcel have the right that public authority taking these decisions establishes only reasonable limitations of their land ownership and have also the right that this public authority imposes reasonable restrictions on the other person’s right to exercise the activity having or is likely to have adverse impact on their land parcels. This right violation is the land ownership violation and entitles the person, whose right have been violated, to appeal to the court for the protection.


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