Improving administrative-legal protection of dendrological parks in Ukraine

Keywords: dendrological park, legal protection, administrative legal protection, regulatory support, protection of the environment, protection of territories and objects of the nature reserve fund


The article is devoted to the analysis of administrative-legal protection of dendrological parks and its peculiarities as well as identifications of drawbacks in this sort of legal regulations. We also target at the ways to improve legal reglamentation of dendrological parks’ protection.

Only effective legal protection enables adequate functioning of dendrological parks as nature conservational, recreational, cultural, educational, and research institutions.

On having analysed the peculiarities of the administrative-legal protection of dendrological parks we draw attention to the fact that national legislation does operate neither the definitions for the term «administrative-legal protection of dendrological parks» nor for a more generic one «legal protection of dendrological parks». There are no principles, ideas or peculiarities for the legal protection of dendrological parksas unique research institutions and valuable natural areas. We consider this fact a drawback in the legal regulation of such territories functioning.

We have analyzed national legislation and juridical literature to define the meaning of the categories «legal protection of dendrological parks» and «administrative – legal protection of dendrological parks» to determine the ways to improve legal administrative protection of dendrological parks.

This article presents the research into the legislative base of dendrological parks functioning, which proved to be thoroughly developed although having some controversies. The system of state administration is ineffective in our country.

There is a range of issues, which do not permit to develop a clear administrative vector for such a category of the nature reserve fund. We can single out institutional dispersion among dendrological parks, some collisions in legislative acts. Moreover, bodies of state policy on nature reserve fund combine several functions: monitoring, managing, and economic activity.

The conclusions include the problems, which prevent the adequate realization of the administrative-legal protection of dendrological parks. We also develop ways to improve legal administrative protection of dendrological parks.


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