Conceptual Problems of Modern Unitarianism

Keywords: unitarianism, unitarity, territory, state, state system, unitary system, administrative-territorial system


The aim of the article is to study the essential and substantial characteristics of unitarism as a phenomenon of modern constitutional law. The synergistic connection between the doctrine of modern unitarism, the principles of unitarity of the state territory and the fundamental institutions of political-legal and state-administrative life of modern unitary states is shown. It proves that the unitary system is not only one of the important components of the process of achieving the tasks, goals and functions of most modern states, but also an immanent feature and strategic element of the mechanism of exercising their sovereign rights.

The complexity, importance and relatively widespread use of unitarity as a form of government is causing a lively and ever-growing scientific interest in it throughout the world. The unique ability of Unitarianism to take into account the specific features of a particular condition allows it to manifest itself in each case in a new way. That is why it is important to analyze the mutual influence of unitary theory and practice, to explore and take into account the peculiarities of national unitarism.

The problem of unitarism and the unitary form of the territorial structure of the state and the status of its constituents is one of the least studied in domestic constitutional law. Modern representatives of the science of constitutional law, as a rule, are limited to consideration of individual issues of the territory, in particular, the features of the territorial organization of state power and local self-government, problems of state sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, etc. To a large extent, a lack of study of the problem in contemporary Ukraine causes difficulties in understanding such interrelated but not identical phenomena as unitarism and unitarity, regionalism and regionalization, municipalism and municipalization, decentralization and deconcentration, etc. It should be noted that in modern literature on issues of state territory, territorial organization of state power, and other issues of the status of territory, the complex, multidimensional nature of unitarianism as a constitutional category is not always taken into account.

Unitarianism is proved to be a multidimensional socio-political and constitutional phenomenon: it is an idea, a theory, a scientific direction, and a global social and constitutional practice, and a constitutional form of the existence and functioning of territorial communities, and the historical state of national statehood and Ukrainian regional civilization. and the form of realization of national identity and citizenship, etc.


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