Fake as one of the instruments of negative impact on the national security of Ukraine in the conditions of hybrid war

Keywords: fake, Internet, social networks, fake information, hybrid war, national security


For more than five years now, a variety of forms and methods of conducting a “hybrid war” have been implemented on the territory of the aggressor country, one of the tools of which is the spread of fakes. Due to the use of professional knowledge, appropriate technical and psychological techniques in the process of its preparation, the spread of fake, in most cases, causes considerable social resonance and, under certain conditions, can in the short-term lead to negative consequences - the emergence of foci of socialization of tension. -political situation both in the individual region and in the country as a whole, to discredit the country in the international arena, etc., and in the long-term - a gradual change of outlook and convinced citizens, substitution of memories on the fake, formation of a national idea in a perspective favorable for a certain person (group of persons).

The term “fake” has many meanings. In particular, fake consider information hoax or intentional dissemination of misinformation on social media and traditional media.

In our opinion, fake in the broad sense (with a focus on harming national security) is the dissemination on the Internet, the media, or in any other way arbitrarily relevant to a given community of information / event data at any given time, facts, circumstances that have not occurred, partly true information or its dissemination through the lens of subjectivism, which, under certain conditions, may adversely affect the development of domestic or foreign political processes and damage the international image of the states.

In short, fake is the dissemination of untrustworthy information / data in a view that is favorable to a particular person (group of persons) in order to distort objective reality to achieve a certain purpose.

The arbitrariness of distribution is that no matter what source you choose (method of proof) - print or electronic media, social communities on the Internet, blogs, etc. Audience - At least one person. The distribution form can be both oral and written. Well, the information / data itself may not be true in advance, partially true or distorted.

It is possible to classify fakes by different criteria.

- by the method of distribution: mass media (created for distribution in the rating media) and local (distributed during conversations, in social communities, blogs, etc.);

- by the external form of distribution: photo, video, fake journalistic material, fake post, rumor;

- by territorial orientation: internal (directed at citizens of a specific territory, states) and external (directed at representatives of the international community);

- by orientation (audience): representatives of certain social groups / certain age (students, pensioners) and all citizens;

- for the purpose of: sowing panic, inciting ethnic (racial, religious, etc.) enmity; spreading false thought; manipulation of consciousness; entertaining character; drawing attention to someone / something; preparing society for the perception of an event, phenomenon, decision, etc.


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