Qualification of administrative misdemeanors in the field of drug trafficking

Keywords: drug circulation, administrative responsibility, misconduct, officials, pharmaceutical worker


The article thoroughly investigates the composition of the offense (misdemeanor) in the sphere of drug trafficking, the peculiarities of its qualification and the detailed description of all possible participants of these offenses, considering that in modern conditions there is a steady tendency to increase the number of administrative offenses committed by employees of the sphere medicines. The signs of the composition of the offense, such as movement from the object and the objective side, to the subject and subjective side, respectively

Determining the features of the object has a practical burden in assessing the legal composition of the administrative offense specified by us.

Typically, the object of the misdemeanor is that it is directly affected by the wrongdoing, so the classification of the misdemeanor is of great theoretical and practical importance. It makes it possible to clearly define the object of each act, its place in the general system of relations, which are protected by administrative sanctions, its value.

The objective side of administrative misconduct is a set of features that determine the external manifestation. The main features of the objective side are the wrongful act (act or omission), the adverse effects and the causal link between the act and the consequences.

Therefore, the objective side of drug offenses lies in actions both as a result of active action and as a result of inaction of persons who violate sanitary legislation.

With regard to the "subject of administrative misconduct", it should be noted that the definition of this concept exists only in the theory of administrative law. However, on the basis of Article 12 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Administrative Offenses, it can be determined that the subject of administrative misconduct may be a natural convicted person who was 16 years old at the time of committing the wrongful act.

Among the special subjects of offense in the field of drug trafficking it is advisable to distinguish the following: officials; natural persons-entrepreneurs who have the right to carry out wholesale, retail trade of medicines under the conditions of compliance with the licensing conditions of conducting a certain type of activity; officials; persons involved in the circulation of medicines (pharmacists, freight forwarders, registrars, etc.).

The subjective side of an administrative offense is the set of features that characterize the subject's mental attitude to the act and its consequences. It is characterized by guilt in the form of intent or negligence. The content of the subjective side is revealed by means of guilt, motive and purpose, which are though different but interrelated and interdependent forms of human mental activity.


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