The problem of outflow of qualified personnel in the context of migration policy of Ukraine

Keywords: labor migration, migration policy, repatriation, socio-economic development of Ukraine, reforms


In Ukraine, the pace of labor migration is already a real problem. Business complains of a shortage of professionals in the corporate and industrial sectors, especially noticeable in the Western region. People go abroad in search of a happier life, and it is not even about income, although pay is fundamental. A qualitatively different level of social and cultural life, well-developed infrastructure, medicine, education, work-life balance, a sense of security and confidence in the future are what drives even those citizens who have a good income in Ukraine to migrate.

The purpose of the article is to investigate the ways in which the state, including the legislator, is holding back the brain drain abroad and vice versa contributing to the return of Ukrainian citizens to fill the domestic labor market.

Nowadays the Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Labor Migration” and the Strategy of the State Migration Policy of Ukraine for the Period up to 2025 are the basis of the migration legislation of Ukraine.

The purpose of the Strategy defines the direction of efforts of the state and society to formulate and implement the state migration policy, which would have a positive impact on the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation and state security, accelerate the socio-economic development, contribute to slowing down the rate of depopulation and quality composition of the population, meeting the needs of the economy in the workforce, complied with the international standards and international obligations of Ukraine.

Thus, migration policy is a part of a systemic policy that regulates the socio-economic, cultural development of the country (decent income, developed infrastructure, medicine, education, security, confidence in tomorrow).

Therefore, the state, including the legislator, is trying to take measures to improve the socio-economic development and migration situation of Ukraine through the above mentioned reforms. It is important that the latter are not declarative. Although, in our opinion, there is currently an increase in the outflow of skilled personnel, as no other means reflects the outcome of such reforms and the need for their further implementation.


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