The inviolability of data on a person’s personal life as an element of her right to privacy

Keywords: privacy, public interest, information law


The article deals with the pressing issue of the proper and fair resolution of cases concerning the protection of a person's constitutional right to information. The essence and legal content of the right of a person to privacy was clarified. It is determined that this concept, without an assessment of the social aspect of purely personal, at first glance, manifestations of human existence, is incorrect. For, despite not being aware of the fact of the presence of a public manifestation by a particular individual, his or her behavior in the plane of realization of the elements of his / her personal life may still in a certain way relate to events, phenomena and circumstances of the social level, and thus acquire the legal significance of a public factor. Thus, the paper establishes the existence of actual juxtaposition of public-law principles of public order protection, which consist in openness and accessibility of information, including about a particular person of public interest, with principled approaches to the inviolability of personal data about human life activity. Given that the national legislator does not provide clear criteria for distinguishing data properties of the information right of the person, and the law enforcement practice has not worked out options for their application, a reasonable conclusion is made about the need to apply a legal principle, which is defended by an international institution - the European Court of Human Rights. It is that when a violation has occurred concerning the restriction of the access to information / documents that are more important to the private than the public interest, Article 8 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms will apply, which provides that everyone has the right to respect. of his private and family life, to his home and correspondence, in the presence of the same priority in relations of public interest, shall be subject to the protective construction of the convention Article 10, which protects the right of a person to access public information. In this article, the specific examples of ECtHR practice demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of this legal framework. Proposal for the national judicial system: the measures taken by public authorities to interfere with the convention law of a person may be considered appropriate when justified by their socially desirable results, aimed at protecting the protected interests of others, and this interest was substantially higher than the private one.


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