Municipal rights of the human (personality) as a factor for improving the constitutional and legal status of human and citizen

Keywords: local self-government, public authority, public self-government (municipal) power, territorial community, resident-member of territorial community, legal status of man and citizen, constitutional status, municipal (self-governing) human status, municipal human rights (personality)


The phenomenology of municipal rights of Ukraine in the context of their emergence and development on the basis of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen is investigated. It is pointed out that the terminological confusion, the lack of uniform methodological approaches to determining the subject composition of the territorial community, the fear of bold steps in the application of new scientific and doctrinal developments that have been achieved in the municipal legal science - are in fact a hindrance to human definition. The author states that having an individual, group, and collective legal status (man-resident, man-citizen, man-foreigner, etc.), as well as relevant roles and roles - family member, taxpayer, buyer, consumer of services, member of the public - is enshrined in the constitution institutions, etc. and appropriate status - woman, child, student, pensioner, worker, etc., taking into account the membership in the territorial community), a person substantially complements it with their municipal legal status, where a large part of it is occupied by enforcement mechanisms. , because it is such a community that operates under local self-government and is the sphere of realization of the constitutional and municipal legal status of a person. It could be argued that these two statuses are “superimposed” on each other, but municipal doctrine states that municipal human rights include specific rights that are related to its functioning within the community, and therefore the municipal legal status, or as it is called the self-governing status of a person does not coincide with its constitutional and legal status, it is wider. Although the constitutional and legal status of the self-governing status of a person is, of course, his or her constitutional and legal status, he / she is the primary, dominant in the system of the status of the person and the citizen and determines, relative to the self-governing status, moreover, the human rights which belong to the latter and are related to the local self-government, genetically and connotatively, follows precisely from its constitutional and legal status.


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